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Let’s Talk: Grzegorz Gwiazda – Part II

If you are a returning reader, I hope that you have found a moment to explore the sculptor Grzegorz Gwiazda’s  website. You may have read his biography. Perhaps even Marco Izzolino’s fascinating exhibition essay ‘Gwiazda the heretic’. Yet, if you read my last blog, you

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Let’s Talk: Grzegorz Gwiazda – Part I

Grzegorz Gwiazda forefronts the avant-garde of figurative sculpture. Rather than simply sculpt in reference to nature, he strives to transcend it. To create new, independent entities.  Little wonder therefore, that I have chosen to present my recent interview with Grzegorz in two

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The advent of summer

For me, the advent of summer in London is marked by two things: a glass of Pimms and The Royal Academy of Art’s Summer Exhibition. This year, summer got under way on Wednesday, 4th June as leading figures in art, entertainment

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Introducing Bridgeman Studio. (Fear not Facebook Fans!)

In my last blog, I announced the forthcoming launch of Bridgeman Studio’s online platform with the promise to divulge more about it in this week’s post. What I hadn’t expected was gaining further incentive to share this with you. For, although

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Lets Talk: Brian Booth Craig

Amongst figurative sculptors Brian BoothCraig is a household name.   Every aspiring sculptor at The Florence Academy of Art knows of Brian’s work yet few have actually met him. And, although his website lists an impressive array of exhibitions, projects, teaching posts and literature, very

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Location, Location, Location

In my last post, I mentioned some friends sculpting figures for the Dandi March Memorial in Mumbai. Well, they’re back and my newsfeed lives to tell the tale… Scrolling downwards, I soon discovered that another Florence Academy of Art Alumni has been

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Changing Perceptions

Whilst recovering from minor surgery earlier this week I found my anaesthetic-clouded mind pondering over two unrelated yet inextricably entwined events… Two weeks ago, I handed in my final essay of the term before striding down The Strand to visit the

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Ellen Charlesworth


Interviewing artists for our newest series, Ellen is an editor and researcher currently undertaking a Ph.D. on the success of digital exhibitions.  


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