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Let’s Talk: Tom Bancroft

Tom Bancroft cannot recall the defining moment when both he and his twin brother Tony decided to pursue careers as illustrators. Rather, Tom describes a series of ‘tiny light bulbs’. Tom Bancroft at his animation desk. Photo courtesy of the

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Let’s Talk: Teresa Oaxaca

I can recall the moment I met the artist Teresa Oaxacawith absolute clarity. It was October 2013.  It was the end of my first week at The Florence Academy of Art. And I had just arrived at my first student

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Introducing Bridgeman Studio. (Fear not Facebook Fans!)

In my last blog, I announced the forthcoming launch of Bridgeman Studio’s online platform with the promise to divulge more about it in this week’s post. What I hadn’t expected was gaining further incentive to share this with you. For, although

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Let’s Talk: Simon Fletcher

Have you noticed a recurring motif in these blog posts? Look left. Unsurprisingly, it’s a picture of me. Surprisingly, the photographer, JR, claims to own ‘the biggest art gallery in the world.’ Well, as just one of the tens of

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Location, Location, Location

In my last post, I mentioned some friends sculpting figures for the Dandi March Memorial in Mumbai. Well, they’re back and my newsfeed lives to tell the tale… Scrolling downwards, I soon discovered that another Florence Academy of Art Alumni has been

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Ellen Charlesworth


Interviewing artists for our newest series, Ellen is an editor and researcher currently undertaking a Ph.D. on the success of digital exhibitions.  


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