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Jura Bedic : Learn how to paint a still life

level:Intermediate and Advanced

duration:1h 29m 5s




released:September, 2013

description:In this course you will learn how to set up your still life and your easel; how to block in your painting and resolve it to a finish.

Chapter Index:

1. Setting up Composition 15m 46s
2. Final adjustment in the setup 7m 59s
3. Blocking in the tones and values 9m 42s
4. Intermediate stages and tonal development 10m 56s
5. Further adjustment and development of tones and drawing 11m 59s
6. Getting more specific in tones and drawing 10m 13s
7. Tightening the drawing and giving solid form to the object 3m 36s
8. Softening the rough transitions and turning the forms 3m 50s
9. Focusing on subtlety 4m 32s
10. Finalizing the project 4m 53s