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Alicia Ponzio : Beginning a sculpture from imagination

level:Intermediate and Advanced

duration:2h 33m 32s




released:November 21, 2013

description:In the following course Alicia will be showing you how to blocking the figure in water-based clay, in a wire armature at about half life scale or 32 inches. Starting off by demonstrating or showing the materials that are use for this process and then demonstrating the technique. Starting up with blocking in the import masses in the torso, moving on two legs, arms and head, and discuss the important anatomical landmarks at each stage. During this demonstration Alicia is going to be working from imagination, but, the techniques that are gonna demonstrate can also apply working from life.

Chapter Index:

1. Introduction to the construction process 17m36s
2. Preparing the armature 13m27s
3. Blocking in the torso ribcage and pelvis side view 10m00s
4. The relationship between the ribcage and pelvis 9m47s
5. Creating a twist in the torso 8m39s
6. Centering and structure of the torso 7m42s
7. Proportion and Gesture standing leg 8m50s
8. Balance leg and pelvic landmarks 7m54s
9. Considering different angles 8m53s
10. Head neck and upper torso. Proportion and gesture 8m38s
11. Developing the head and neck. Profile view. Proportion and gesture: arm 16m58s
12. Review of the side view 4m29s
13. Shoulder and arm. Back view, symmetry 13m34s
14. Right arm. Proportion and gesture 9m42s
15. Basic structure of the head 8m33s
16. Final comments 2m50s