Robert Bodem

The Florence Academy of Art
Florence, Italy


Profession:Sculptor and teacher


Current City



Figurative Sculptor Robert Bodem interviewed in his studio by Poppy Field for digiQualia!

Bodem, born in Minnestoa in 1971, graduated cum laude in sculpture from Boston University in 1995. Alongside his studies, Bodem assisted the abstract sculptor Dimitri Hadzi. Following this, Bodem spent a year in Italy training under the painter Daniel Graves at The Florence Academy of Art. Afterwards he returned to Boston University to complete his MA in 1998. Later that year, Bodem was awarded the Albert S. and Ester B. Kahn Award which provided him with the financial support to return to Italy and establish The Florence Academy of Art’s Sculpture Program. Though participating in shows across Europe, Bodem’s sculptures have achieved great success in The United States. His methods and techniques are recorded in the manual Drawing in Space. This is the foundation from which he trains 26 students hailing from all over the world.

This video features various archival photographs, including a selection depicting the final stages of two recent sculptures, Feline and If I Knew The Way.

Conceived without the constraints of a commission, Feline is the subject of the academic paper 'Rodin and Bodem: The importance of cultural biographies to public placement of post-contemporary representational sculpture.’ due to be presented at The Representational Art Conference, California in November.

For a selection of pages from ‘Drawing in Space', the basic sculpture manual by Robert Bodem, click here.

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