The internet is nothing less than a never ending erruption of information. Amongst the lava you can easily scoop up instructions, news, recipes and tutorials, some refined and some less trustworthy than others.


So what makes digiQualia any different from other portals you´ve come across? We provide high quality tutorials at very reasonable prices. But high quality is a standard we regard as an absolute minimum. And we don´t do it for the money.
The strong foundation we have created are rooted in these three Q’s:


  • Team Symbiosis
    Everyone that contributes to the digiQualia team is an active artist. Whether it’s painters, illustrators or animators, the studio is run by artists and designers, giving us the direct appreciation and understanding for the tutorials we create.
  • Academic Teaching
    Most of the tutouring you find online is dominated by software related teachings.
    At digiQualia we offer a strong approach to the academic arts, covering the fields of fine art drawing,
    painting, sculpting and classical music, as well as photography and illustrative design.
  • Art vs the Artist
    The technique is a big part of our education, but it lives side by side with the notion of deciphering why the artist makes the choices that he/she does. This understanding is an equally important feature in the tutorials, as well as in all the additional free material available in the artists’ portfolio.

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