Qua.li.a,  plural noun. Philosophy, the internal and subjective component of sense perceptions, arising from stimulation of the senses by phenomena”

Our goal is to create video tutorials for the arts, by interviewing contemporary artists within different media. We want to push current art education tools beyond their borders and make them accessible to anyone who is interested. As artists ourselves, we think we can put our knowledge together to create something unique and useful, whether for a seasoned professional or for an aspiring beginner. Videos of artists, for artists, created by artists.

What exactly goes into making a work of art? Much of it comes from the artist’s subjective response to his or her experience of the world around him/her – through these “qualia” the artist is able to reconstruct that experience and communicate it back to the world in an individual way. And so it is our aim to share the different qualia experienced by a wide range of artists, so as to give insight to what is possible across different media and to broaden the artistic vocabulary for those who wish to express themselves more fluently, whatever the medium.

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