Alan Lawson

The Florence Academy of Art
Florence, Italy


Work Recognition
Portrait Society of America
Tallahassee, FL. U.S.A


From:Dhekelia, Cypre

HometownDhekelia, Cypre

Current CityGryon, Switzerland



AJ Lawson is a painter in the naturalistic tradition. Graduate and former drawing instructor at The Florence Academy of Art, he is currently Director of the Alpine Atelier in Switzerland.

Alan is currently working on a series of narrative paintings which explore mankind's place in nature, and our instinctive search for meaning.

‘To stand in front of nature with a piece of burnt stick, or a brush loaded with oil and earth is to reconnect with something that stretches back to palaeolithic man. It is something deeply human, it is an attempt to understand and an attempt to communicate.’ AJ Lawson

Since this film was made, Alan has launched a non profit retreat for Classical Painters in the Swiss alps called "The Alpine Fellowship". This award offers six a month's free residence in Switzerland with the opportunity to engage artistically with philosophers and professional artists from around the world.
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